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Solved Facebook Pixel Updates on Apple iOS 14

Solved Facebook Pixel Updates on Apple iOS 14

After recent updates made by Apple caused the tracking problem for most marketers and campaign creators in the event system associated with the pixel. Through this article, you will find the solution to the Facebook pixel updates on the Apple systemiOS 14


Let’s start by finding out how to solve Facebook pixel updates on the Apple system iOS 14

Because we know how this latest update with the new update will affect custom audiences and also custom conversions

Custom Transformations and Custom Audiences

Custom Conversions and Custom Audiences
It appears that the settings under Facebook Bulk Events measurement will have no effect on Custom Conversions and Custom Audiences.

You can still use standard and custom events to define custom conversions and custom audiences.

Once defined and activated, custom transformations can be defined within the bulk event measurement.

Having a problem or need help with your Facebook ad campaign?

How do you encounter a problem or need help with your Facebook advertising campaign

  • Move to event management.
  • Edit Events
  • Modify Transformations

1- Go to event management

Click the pixel you want to use, and click the aggregate event scaling.

Solved Facebook Pixel Updates on Apple iOS 14

Select your store domain
Find the store domain you want to configure events for.

Apple updates

Verify your store domain
If your domain is not verified, complete the verification process.

2- Edit events

Click on the scope and click Edit Events.


Modification events

If you already have events there, you can rearrange them, remove them, or add new ones.

If you don’t see any events, start adding them using the green “Add event” button.

Select the pixel or custom transformation. You will see a list of available pixels for that range and custom transformations.

In the second selector, choose the event name or custom transform name.

For purchase events you can turn on “value optimization”, if conditions are met (more than 100 events, 10 different values ​​in the last 7 days). If Value Optimization is turned on, the event will fire 4 digits.

Example for one of my clients I solved this problem

If you notice through the image there is a problem, we appear in the advertising campaign, and here if he launches the campaign, he will lose track of visitors coming from Apple devices in particular. 

Solved Facebook Pixel Updates on Apple iOS 14

And from here, the pictures become clear to us that I did what I talked about previously, the 8 events according to the new update by Apple


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Solved Facebook Pixel Updates on Apple iOS 14

Here is, the problem has been completely resolved, as I explained to you through this article, so that advertising campaigns can be launched without facing the problem of new Apple updates

The result was amazing 👍


Solved Facebook Pixel Updates on Apple iOS 14

3- Edit Transformations

Events to choose to measure bulk events
If you run ads for your domain, Facebook has pre-selected the most important events. You probably don’t need to make any adjustments.


For e-commerce sites like WooCommerce, you should always specify the purchase event and give it the highest priority.

You can also specify AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, and ViewContent. Give the lowest priority to the ViewContent event, because it tracks the least important action, product page visits.

If you want to improve actions that are not tracked by standard events, create a custom transform first.



I hope in this article I helped you to solve Facebook pixel updates on Apple iOS 14

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