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You can book a consulting session with a specific date in e-commerce or digital marketing, and I will develop solutions that achieve your goals. This counseling is paid by the hour.

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?How can I book an appointment

You can book an appointment through the appointment system located above and follow the booking steps
Step 1: Choose  type of counseling
Step 2: Choose a date of the consultation
Step 3: Check the available consultation time
Step 4: Enter your details and complete the reservation

?How long is the advisory session

The duration of the counseling session is one hour

?How to attend the advisory session

Attendance to the counseling session is online via the Zoom platform, so make sure that you have an account in Zoom, and according to the person attending, via video or audio-only.

?Is the counseling session paid or free

A paid consultative session, as the expert Ehssan Sindi will be with you for the specified period to provide advice on your topic of choice and give you the appropriate solutions.

?Is follow-up after the counseling session

The follow-up is according to the type of the consultative case, in some cases, it does not need that, and in some of them it needs to be followed up by the expert and it will be clarified during the advisory session.

?What are the payment methods for the consulting

Through the appointment system, the above reservation is available for payment via Paypal (Visa-Master Card) or you can contact me for reservations via bank transfer

?Is there a monthly or annual consultation

Yes, there is a monthly and annual consultancy for projects, and continuous follow-up if you wish, please contact me to submit the offer

?What is the benefit of the counseling session

The counseling session goes deeper with more details and guidance according to the topic of the session with follow-up

?How to prepare for the counseling session

To be able to fully benefit from the counseling session, you should pay attention to the following:

– Focus on the topic and purpose of the counseling session

– Be prepared to take notes of the expert

– Provide important information to complete the counseling session